Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011

We started March right by going to the cabin for a fun weekend with the Oehler's and Sorensens. So fun staying up late laughing at Matt trying to do a one handed push up!
The kids had fun playing in the snow and sledding.
Will and Parker 'driving' the four wheeler.

Oh these boys, so funny! Brian, Matt, and Lew

I didn't get a good picture with the girls... Lori, me and Becky

Cute Gracie with her piggy tails! Her hair is coming in so light.

Oh that graham cracker is good

We went to the Real soccer game on a freezing cold night. Will loved it! He didn't complain about being cold at all, just watched the game the whole time.

We love all the dresses Aunt Michelle gets in Europe or NYC, it's nice to has a personal shopper.

Daddy and Grace eating my wheat grass!

Will being cute like always. A few conversations from the month-
After church- "Mama I love you. Jesus loves me"

"Mama, I make music in my mouth. (mmmmm) it hurts my mouth?"
"Does it tickle?"
"..Yeah, it tickles my mouth"
He discovered humming and now 'makes music in my mouth'

At dinner Will got very serious and looked at me, "Mama, I have a wiener."
"Yes you do."
"Daddy, you got a BIG wiener" (said very matter of factly)
"Mama, you have a wiener"
Then he comes over to me and try's to lift my shirt and find it!
(One of the funniest conversations yet to come from Will. I think what was the best was he was asking and talking in pure innocence. And really didn't know what we were laughing about!)

We have a crawler! She had been scooting for a week or so and rolling all over but no real crawling until the zhu zhu pet thing! She wanted it bad enough that she hefted herself up and crawled to get it!

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Chelle said...

Such cute pictures! And I didn't know that the weird hamster pet I got Will got Gracie to crawl! That makes me very happy.