Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to Will!

Will is 3 years old!
It's hard to believe that my baby boy is already 3 years old. He is such a happy little guy. I love to hear him sing and pretend and make up stories. Will is a great older brother to Grace and is learning to share with her. He has loved dinosaurs lately so we headed to the Dinosaur Museum with the grandparents and cousins. Will loved seeing all the dinosaurs and playing with Sam and the girls.

Will and Sam are great buddies. (I love the reflection of Will's face!)

Megan, Hannah, and Sam. Will didn't want to go in the cave. It's scary.

Amy due in a couple months!

Clara, Aunt Catherine (who came all the way from California just for the party :)

The museum has a great sand exhibit that the kids can dig and play in. Will is a little o.c.d. when it comes to getting his hands wet and dirty but once he got into, he loved it.

Cute Grace hanging out (almost ready to be out of the small car seat!)

There were small dinosaurs hidden in the sand and plastic trees.

Riding a dinosaur!

Daddy, birthday boy, Grandpa Starkey, Grace, Grandpa Denney, and Sam

Watch out! Will, Megan, Sam, and Hannah almost eaten by the shark

Kind of an odd picture but this boy can't stand things between his toes, he would stop and clean out his toes every once in a while. He gladly helps anyone if you would like your toes clean. (Gross I know but he does it)

Fun cake of the year for Will (I love that they have candy rocks!)

All the cousins in a 'boat'

We got Will a scooter, he is a coordinated little guy.

Grace is sitting up pretty good now. Does an awesome down ward dog up on her tippy toes, and puckers her lips, and do plank longer than I can!

"Happy Birthday to me..." He lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday. And blow each candle out one by one. He got a soccer ball, shin guards, car, pjs, play food, and a book.

Will and Sam are great friends.

It was a cold March but that didn't stop him from playing on the scooter.

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