Monday, February 28, 2011

February 2011

In February we put Will in Swim lessons, he is a little fish who has a hard time listening! He had a lot of fun with Chloe, Josh, and Rebecca, our friends from the neighborhood. It was good for the little guys to get in the water during the cold winter to remember what it is like and get ready for the summer, which is taking to long to get here.

I can't really remember why we got him out of the car still attached to his car seat but it was hilarious. He was loving running around with it still on his back. I thought it kind of looked like the jump seats in the fight jets. He is my funny funny boy.
Every night Will request me or Brian to sing Twinkle Star. I have probably sung that song over a million times. Will likes to pretend he doesn't know the words but one night he was laying in his new big bed and sang the entire song to me and he was on tune!
I love that he loves to sing.
And he is now officially potty trained. He did so good. We were a little worried (Brian a lot) about how it would all work but he must have been ready cause we just took the diapers away and that was it. Easy.

I love this picture! We have one of Will about the same age in a box. Helps them sit up.

Grace enjoyed her first 'real' food, polenta. We had dinner over at Grandma and Grandpa's and we thought it would be fun to see what she would do with the texture, she loved it!

This picture may look like she isn't enjoying it but she ate a lot of it, Will wouldn't try it.

Grace is big. She has been from the beginning. But when we bought the bumbo I really didn't think it would be an issue of her size to fit in it. Well we have to spread it open to get her legs to go in! Love that chunk.

Nichole came into town and all the fun high school friends got together for a fun night at Natalie's. Cole's twin, Eliza and Hailey are darling! I was hoping that combined they would equal Grace's 10 lbs. 1 oz. I think they were only a couple ounces off but they are catching up.

I love seeing all these girls, we have a good time!

Alicia and John got to come to Utah! They hadn't been able to see Grace yet so it was very exciting that they got to come. We headed up to the cabin for some sledding and fun in the snow. Will loves playing in the snow and would stay outside all day long if he could.
John was in Utah for interviews at the U and Y for PhD programs, we are hoping they get in here so they will be closer.

I took up my really old skies from high school and Will and I went down the bunny hill in the back. Will loved it and we went down a few times but the skis needed to be waxed so it was a really slow ride down.

We loved spending time with Uncle John and Aunt Alicia.

Uncle John with Gracie girl. And Uncle John so nicely taught Will to say "Rock On" which he does a lot now.

This chuck is just to cute!

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