Monday, February 28, 2011

6 Months!

I think I have written this before, Grace is growing to fast!! She isn't my 'little' new born any more. I really do love each new thing she does, but it is going so fast. She is sitting up now, scooting backwards, smiles all the time, loves to 'talk', rolling everywhere, has her two bottom teeth, and loves food but it needs texture. (polenta, sweet potato, squash). Gets the biggest smile when Will is around and when Daddy gets home from work.
She is really the happiest baby, she ended up having another ear infection at her 6 month 'well' appointment that I didn't even know about! She has had a cold for I think the whole winter but really has been a great baby, still eating and sleeping great, just doesn't love the binki cause she can't breath with it in, which is totally fine because Will was a binki addict! I really need to get Grace into their room (her and Will are going to share, we don't have any other bedrooms) because right now her room is the bathroom! She was to big for the cradle so we moved her into the port-a-crib but I didn't want her in our room any more, she was learning that I was right there and would wake up for every little cry. So the port-a-crib fit into the extra bathroom upstairs and that's where she has slept for the last two and half months! It really has worked great, she has her own music, the humidifier works great in there, and turn the fan on for white noise and to drown out the cries.

As always she is off the charts for her growth!
Weight 22.38 lbs.
Height 28.15 inches
Head 17.7 inches

My friend Heather is starting her photography business and was so nice to take Grace's pictures! I think they turned out great! (she moved to Texas so I won't be able to have her take more as she gets older)

This is just so, Grace! Love her little personality and those thighs!!

No doubt they are siblings!


Chelle said...

SO SO SO SO SO cute!

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness! So cute! I think my favorite is the 5th one.

Sarah said...

Those pics are so cute! She definitely looks like WIll-especially with her binnie on! I can't get over how big you grow your children! I know you hear this all the time, I'm sure... but she weight more than Ethan who is more than a year older than her!!!! I so wish I could see you guys. The update was fun!

Sara said...

I just want to squish her! She is so cute!!

Nichole said...

Cutest rolls ever!!

Heather Buttars said...

Love the new pictures! She is soo cute!

Justin + kelly said...

She is too cute! Looks just like will!

Linds said...

She is adorable Clara! Such cute kids. And such a cute blog, can't wait to read more.