Thursday, July 29, 2010

Super man

This summer has been a busy one. We had something going every weekend in June and July. During the weeks Will and I go swimming at least 3 times, to the park, work on the garden (Will is very good 'waterin' the lettuce'), baby appointments, family reunions, playing with cousins, and then going swimming again. It's a good thing Will loves the water because I would not survive this summer without going to the pool. It is the best thing! Really the only thing that will cool me off to a 'normal' temperature. Brian freezes at night now days. I keep it at a perfect 68 or 70 degrees at night. I wake up to many times to roll over or pee that I don't want to wake up from being to hot.

Here is my Superman (this was in June)

Why does Will not have pants on? Well he went down the slide and there was a big puddle so naturally he wouldn't want his pants on but he has to keep the cape.


he can even sing you the theme song

To the Zoo! We went to the zoo with Amy and her kids at the beginning of July. The hottest day of the year. I think I might have died. But we had fun and the animals were all pretty active.

Classic Hogle Zoo picture.

Sam is just so darn cute

Oh look at the monkeys


Aunt Catherine came for a visit, all the kids love her!

It's tiring sitting in a stroller watching animals in the sun

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