Thursday, July 29, 2010

DisneyLand May 2010

After our fun in San Diego we headed up to Disney Land for a day. It was the first time for all the kids and they loved it! We were only going for a day so we pushed the kids hard but they all did awesome and everyone loved it. We also somehow went on the perfect day. The longest line we stood in was maybe 20 minutes, it was perfect temperature, and we got to go on almost all the rides we wanted to go on.

Will wanted to go see Buzz so bad, then we got up there and well he wanted nothing to do with him!

Grandma and Hannah Driving around

It's a Small World After All

Hannah, Uncle Brian, and Emmy- they got going around fast.

Will took an awesome nap while everyone went on the tea cups!

A little later when Will woke up we went on the tea cups again. Doesn't Will look sick already!

Aaarrgggg I'm going to get the sword

Will loved the Merry Go Round

Megan and Brian (love Megs shades)

Grandpa and Sam

Playing on the tracks, Sam left something behind

The whole group (we missed Charles and Catherine)

Sam just had so much fun

Will describing the day

Sam and Will patiently waiting for us the be ready to leave. Oh if they only knew what was coming with 12 hours of driving!

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