Wednesday, July 21, 2010

San Diego and Sea World May 2010

In May we went to San Diego for a fun filled vacation. Amy and I started a day early with the kids and drove to St. George, which helped a ton to break up the drive for the kids and me :) We stayed at a fun condo in Mission Beach just across the street for the beach. It was a little cool but we were still at the beach so we survived! Brian and Joe were the brave ones that got all the way in the water to play on the boogie board. Will loved the water this year and couldn't get enough of it. We went to Sea World for a day and as always had a blast.

Cute HUGE whales- to bad the trainers can't swim with them any more

After Shamu got us wet. My mom got the drenched.

Grandpa and Hannah petting the manta rays

Special, I know

Will and Sam are so cute!

Sam's rear- Will and Megan. Enjoying watching the walrus' "eat"

My little family at the beach

Will and Brian looking for anything moving

The Oldham Family

Grandpa and Grandma

Will finally to cold to stay in the water

I love my boys

Will body surfing 2 year old style

Sam was hilarious- he HATED the sand. Even with sandals he just didn't like walking or sitting on it.

Sitting on a towel he was fine and would dig in the sand

Grandma and Grandpa playing baseball

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