Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Not sure why the blog has gotten neglected, but here I am with a few updates.
Baby #2 is 24 weeks along in the cooking process, over half way! This little baby is active, gets the hiccups all the time, and growing right on schedule. Can't wait to meet him or her at the end of August! Here are the ultra sound pictures at 20 weeks. Brian was strong and we are holding out until this baby arrives to know if we have a boy or girl.

(we couldn't get a good profile picture,
so the scary straight on picture will have to do)

Will is cute as ever. Loves the park, balls, bike rides, stroller rides, gives the best hugs and kisses. We watched Prince and the Frog the other day and we now have frogy kisses :)
His favorite songs lately are 'Row row row da boat' 'Twinkle twinkle dar' other favorites have been 'bunny' (little bunny foo foo) 'follow frapet' (follow the prophet) And a mix of 'Row da twinkle dar'
He always plays fare (ha ha ha) when playing swords, he'll always find one for you and ask you to 'get me'.
He turns into a camel the second he gets into a car. For some reason it makes him really thirsty to be in his car seat. 'Water Mama?' Oh and he loves dried mangos (spoiled little guy)
Loves when Daddy gets home from work.
He remembers things that I wouldn't think he would. His uncle Joe broke his nose and we told him about it. The next day, 'Joe, nose, awwweie, hurt' and would pretend to cry. Seriously cute. When he sees a big truck, 'big truck, papa?' 'uncle Joe' (they both have trucks)

Oh Bee! (all bugs are bees or ladybugs and he squishes them all!)

I love those duck lips, has had them since he was a baby.
Smelling the tulips
(knows what tulips are!)

My tulips actually came up. But then we had a big storm and the wind took all the petals and left me with beautiful green stems and leaves.

A dark picture but just so cute. He got into the jam on his toast.

2 years old! (shhhh don't tell penny's I scanned the pics)

Jelly beans make him smile :)

The start of our garden this year.

I'm excited for the garden this year,
and check out the view we have from there.

Mr. & Mrs. Duck come every night and
eat on the hill in front of our house

Just thought this was a cute picture of my little guy.

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Sarah said...

cute cute cute! I've been thinking about you a lot and hope you are doing well! Miss you!