Monday, July 13, 2009


Tree huger, hippie, granola, earth friendly, green, environmental, blah blah blah yes we are tree hugers now. We lived in Eugene, Oregon. How can anyone NOT be when they have lived there. The recycle bins are bigger than the garbage cans! When I was pregnant with Will I decided I would give gDiapers a try. Kristine and Tara were the ones that got me on board. Kristine has used them with her boys and Tara with her little girl(s). They gave me all the details of how everything worked and we went for it. It took me a lot longer to really use them since we were living with people for so long (thank you Jake and Annie and Mom and Dad!) Anyways I use them all the time now. The exceptions are when we are out away from home.
Yes it is more work but besides saving the environment it pays off after a month! We use the cloth inserts and it works great. (If you want Kristine's great cleaning method let me know, it has worked great for me)
So why all the rambling about cloth diapers, gDiapers is having a great deal right now on the everyday g's 6-pack. The regular price is $70 but using the code below brings it to $40!!


To use the coupon code, add one or more everyday g's six-pack(s) to your cart, enter your code and click the "redeem" button. The price will automatically drop from $70 (regular price) to $40.


Tammy and Mike said...

Will is such a cute kid and a fantastic diaper model to boot!P.S. I can't consider you crunchy granola until you practice "elimination communication" and go completely diaperless with Will.

Kate said...

Good job, guys! We actually started using cloth Bumgenius diapers a couple of months ago. I like the earth.

Brooke said...

Oh yeah baby! Welcome to the cloth diaper world!!! We're a Fuzzi Bunz family. Be careful. It's addicting.

Alicia said...

have you seen
i'm curious how their prices compare to gdiapers. the lady on there says she makes the cloth inserts for cheaper...

Anonymous said...

i liked this post....

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