Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

Happy 4th of July 2009

Fireworks, BBQ, the pool, lake, sunshine, snow cones, my boys- All my favorite things of the summer!! We had a great 4th of July weekend. Friday night we were going to go camping with Steve and Staci but we had a change of plans and BBQ'd at our place, they are having a baby boy next month. They are going to be great parents! And Staci is an adorable pregnant lady :)
Then Saturday we hung out in Daybreak (home) most of the day. We went for a bike ride to the lake, went out on the double kayak and chased the four big black crane looking birds around the lake. Then off to the pool, which wasn't crowded at all for a Saturday and the 4th! We all had a blast. Then home for a nap and off to a great BBQ at grandpa/ma Starkeys. Alicia and John were down for Logan along with John's brother David. They staked out a great spot for watching fireworks. And of course I got a snow cone to share with Will. He loved it! I wasn't sure how Will was going to react to the fireworks, with the loud noise and being very tired. But he just wanted to be close and watched for a little while but just ended up falling asleep!

Will felt pretty cool sitting in a big kid chair and the big kid table eating a whole piece of watermelon getting juice everywhere!

Aunt Alicia and Will- he got a taste I think of everyone's snow cone!

One of the best things about summer

Will likes sugar in any form

My cute boys and me

Uncle John and Aunt Alicia who will soon be Kentuckians


denielleandshawn said...

Ahh so cute! So glad you had such a great 4th of July! We sure do miss you guys! I love Will's cute curls!! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful!!!
Ahh so cute!

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