Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hair Nets and Gloves

It seems like it has been months since I lasted blogged. We have had some exciting events. I wish I had pictures of everything but I don't so here is what I have. These are in order going backwards for a couple weeks. (and for some reason I like this font lately)

We went to the cabin Friday night for our Anniversary, 7 years! Will got to come with us because we hadn't been together as a family for a couple weeks and we just wanted him to be with us. It was nice to relax and just be away, I love the mountains and the trees. (more to come on the being away in the next couple of pictures)

Will was clapping for himself for some reason. He does this a lot lately. Most of the time when he goes down the stairs the right way!

My cute husband of 7 years!!

Smelling the flowers aka licking the flowers

Getting a drink. I think we have picture of every grandkid on the Denney side doing this.

He will only hold your hand if he needs help.

He got caught!
(climbed into the car, opened the bag of brownies and was loving it!)


Will got to have a sleep over at Grandpa and Grandma Starkey's over the 24th of July. Aunt Alicia and Uncle John were there to play also. While he was there they all went to batting cages. Will even was 'saying' Uncle John's name! (He is talking more and more)

I think this is the cutest picture. Thanks for watching Will everyone.

Batter up (uncle John)

Will and Uncle John have fun together. He's going to miss them when they move in a couple of weeks.


Here is the best part of the month of July. And the reason for the title of the blog. I was an employee of Payson Fruit Growers for 2 weeks. What did I do? Well I worked in a cherry factory, wore a hair net, gloves, and worked from 7 pm to 5 am. Yep. I sat or stood there for 10 hours, night shift, doing one of the following- picking out the bad cherries off of a conveyor belt, putting bags into buckets, putting the buckets under the conveyor belt, or twisting the bags after the buckets were filled. I will never eat another cherry pie or pastry again. I know I didn't get all the bad cherries, yuck. Anyways, I had originally signed up to get some extra cash to go on a trip sometime, but since Brian lost his job the money was needed a little more, so I was off to work. Will and I lived with Amy, Joe, and the kids for those 2 weeks. Thank you Amy so much for taking care of Will. It was an adventure that honestly I will never do again. But it was an experience that is funny to talk about. Oh how could I not include my co-workers. The average age of the employees that work the cherry days is about 17. All the kids in the area work there before school and for that age make good money in those weeks. Me, I haven't gotten paid that little since well I was 17. Kind of insulting but what was even worse was being called 17 by multiple people. Yes I was wearing a hair net, no make-up because it was the middle of the night, and glasses but really. 17? I know I don't look my age and I will love it when I'm 40, but now. Gross little 18 year old boy do not hit on me, I am 10 years older, have a little boy and have been happily married for 7 years! It made me laugh. So that was my adventure with the Cherry Days in Payson, Utah. (I now have a part time job at a cute little home decor shop in Draper that is 10 minutes away and I'm not required to wear a hair net!)
Oh I do wish I had a picture of me with the hair net, I was HOT


Camping!! We hadn't been camping for a long time and Will had never gone so we went for my birthday, on a Tuesday. When you are unemployed you make your own schedule! We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon with our good friends for our ward, Kathy and Brad.

Will, Clara, Chloe, and Kathy

Ready for a little hike

Happy Birthday to me with a Zinger :)

Will loved getting dirty

Collecting worms for fishing


Amy, my mom, and I decided we needed a good adventure and decided to take all of the kids downtown, on the train and go to the church history museum.

All of us waiting for the train. Emmy and Hannah lookin' cool.

Hannah, Emmy, Megan, and Grandma

Everyone dressed up. The museum had a great kids hand-on section.

After dinner on the way to the free outdoor concert.

Love this picture. He is so curious about everything.

Are we all related?

I love taking picture's of flower. Temple Square has beautiful flowers all the time.


A surprise visit from my good friend Ashlee. I worked with her in Eugene. She had a long lay-over in Salt Lake and we got to see her a couple hours. It was so good to see her again, it's been to long.


Chelle said...

I miss you guys!! Fun pics! Will is getting so big! I hope he recognizes me when I come next week!

Shay said...

Sounds crazy, but a lot of fun. Miss you guys a ton. Hope you had a good b-day and good for you for getting to work, that is so cool!!

Heather Buttars said...

Cute pictures! We haven't done anything together all summer. Looks like you guys are doing lots of fun stuff. I love the picture of Will sneaking into the brownies.. That is so funny! Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had a fun birthday.

Brooke Hausmann said...

Miss you guys so much!! I can't believe how big Will is. It is truly amazing how fast they grow. How you to are well!

Lots of love

denielleandshawn said...

Such Beautiful pictures! Will is absolutly the most beautiful thing! I love your pics of him, they look like they came from a store bought photo album!! Miss you so much and can't wait to get home and spend some much needed time with my you guys! I LOVE the pic of you and Amy and Mom Laughing.. Such a beautiful generation pic!

Chris, T and Kate said...

Happy Anniversary...I was thinking about you guys the other day, wow! 7 years! For real!? Time flies! Weren't we all just country dancing together like 2 years ago! 7!!! guys are great!!! And happy birthday CLARA!!! Fun updates and of course...Will is such a cutie!! :)