Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bear Lake in November

Last weekend we headed up to Bear Lake with Alicia and John, who had a condo for the weekend. It was a blast just relaxing with two of our favorite people. We had a blast playing at the beach (I'm not sure I can really use that word in that way, it was the shore line of Bear Lake and it was freezing but still warm enough to play in the sand a little) and swimming and watching the BYU vs. Utah game, go Utes!

Alicia was taking the picture on the other side

Daddy and Will

At first he wasn't sure about the sand

A little braver

He loves balls now, a little sand never hurt anyone :)

I love this picture, he's so cute!

Hiding with Uncle John

Ready to go swimming

My little fish, this summer will be so fun

Aunt Alicia and Uncle John (under water) and Will

He actually is cuddling!

Exhausted after a hard day at play

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