Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Now it's Christmas Time

Yesterday it finally snowed. I love the snow, it is so pretty making everything just white and glittery. The only down side is that it's cold, I forgot that last year I had a built in heater and seriously didn't get cold once all winter, thanks Will!
Last weekend we had some fun outings. We went to the Festival of Trees, I haven't been to this since I was in high school. It's a big event where people donate decorated trees and gifts and others buy the trees and all of the proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. Last year they raised over a million dollars! All of the trees were amazing. Will loved the lights but then got a little tired. The next night we went and visited Santa! Will was so funny,
just stared him down, took the candy and left!

This one reminded us of Andy and Shay!

The tops of the trees were so cool, more than just a star now!

And this one! All glass, not kid friendly but awesome.

I couldn't believe he was asleep with everything going on.

"That's a cool hat, but what's with all the hair on your face?"

"Thanks for the candy, and I want some blocks for Christmas"


Cam said...

He is so cute all bundled up and sleeping. Also I love that artsy fartsy glass tree and its awesome star.

Shay said...

UHHHHHHH!!! I miss you guys soooo much!! Thanks for the shout out on the blog, you know I would love that tree. I was thinking about you guys the other day when I had a great mom joke, but was afraid to use it, I don't know how everyone is with those. Sometimes you can get a great response, and others they will just look at you like "you know my mom?". You know what I mean. Made me miss our laughing times.