Tuesday, September 30, 2008

American Dream

Yep we are getting a house! As our friend would say we are the American Dream :) New house, baby, husband goes to work, and stay at home mom. I've been waiting a while for this to happen and couldn't be more excited! The house is out in a planned community called Daybreak in South Jordan, UT. It is a great little house that will be perfect for our little family. Here is an elevation of the house which will hopefully be done in February. There are other houses that are being built before ours so we will have fun living with my parents and saving money until then.

But even more exciting than us getting a house is that Will slept the entire night last night!!!! (after a week and a half of screaming bloody murder at night I needed a full nights rest)

(ours will be a light green color)


Nichole said...

Yea!!! I'm so excited, tell me more about the house. My sister had to change her wedding date to a Saturday so that I "might" be able to go if I'm not on call....it's so stupid.

Cam said...

Oh my gosh. A house, a husband and a kid?!? You are such a grown up! I cannot fathom being that grown up. Wow. Owning a house. I am jealous. And excited for y'all!

ps, I totally remember the skunk cake. That was so much fun to make! And hilarious.

Kari said...

Super cute house! Congratulations. I've heard of Daybreak and the really neat community that is. I'm so sorry to hear Will (and you!) have had a hard time at night. That is certainly not a fun thing to go through. Is he teething? Keep up updated on the progress of the house and take pics of the progress! (We did that with ours-it's good to know where wires are for hanging things, too.)

Andy and Shay said...

Whoa!! You guys can have the american dream because you are doing everything you are supposed to. Wish I could see the house up close and personal, one day....Wait you guys must be almost 30 if you are getting a house!!! j/k, just remembering the good ol' days!

The Ipsons said...

Daybreak is SO cute....and with a temple being built right there, how can you lose?! Congrats, guys!

Miss Brooke said...

Congrats Clara! I'm so excited for you... it will go by quickly. You'll love Daybreak. If/when we move back, that's one area we'd consider.
Who's your builder?