Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who's your mom

Here are a couple of picture's- which one is Will and which one is his mom?


Kristin said...

The front of his hair is a dead giveaway. He has that long triangle of hair up front. But you do look a lot alike in those pictures. And I see Brian in him too...he's so darling.

Jessica said...

He's beautiful.
Welcome to the club of parenthood.
I'm sure you know already that you'll never be the same.
I read somewhere that being a parent is like living with your heart walking around outside your body.
I think that's true.
Also, when Jaxon was born I cross-stitched this phrase from Mark Twain that I really like,
"It is not a slight thing, when they who are so fresh from God, love us."
It gets better every day, guys. Enjoy it.

Michelle Williams said...

Clara he is a beautiful boy!! The likness is amazing!!! Now buckle your seat belt, the next few years are going to be turbulent, but pierced with shots of pure joy that will take your breath away and make every sleepless, weary night worth it!!!

Michelle Williams