Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coming Home

I can't tell you how proud I am to be a Dad, I nearly tear up every time I talk about him.
He is the most perfect handsome baby, Clara and I are so Blessed to have William in our life, It feels so surreal, It feels great to be home, we enjoyed our stay at the hospital with nothing but wonderful nurses who pampered Clara, and helped us take wonderful care of Will. Everyone has been so generous and wonderful. We thank everyone for the love you have shown to us, we are doing GREAT, we are glad to be home.



Brooke Hausmann said...

That is an adorabale little film. You guys are the best parents a little man could ask for.

Jar & Ash said...

Too cute! I can't believe you're a Dad Brian! How fun! Congrats again!

Tara said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! He is so darling! I am so glad to hear that everyone went well for you guys!

I love the name too, excellent choice! :)

Tarina & Chris said...

Wahoooooooooo!!! HE's HERE!!!!!! or there...:( in OR, but still!! :) Congratulations!! This is the best news of the week! You both are amazing people who I love and admire and I know you will be AWESOME parents to little Will! What a lucky little boy!! Enjoy the excitement and give that little one a hug for me! Ahh! I am so happy for you both!!!!!!:) Congrats!! Love, Tarina

D'Arcy said...

Congrats you guys! If you ask me, William is the best name in the world, it's always been my favorite (and it was my italian/mafia/grandfather's name...so it's tough!)

When you're down here let me know and we'll do a little photo shoot with him!

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D said...

Congrats congrats! I am so excited for you guys! I am also jealous. My second boy is due to arrive in a month and I am starting to feel ready for him to come out...now. :) William is so Handsome! And he could still have hair like his daddy. What he has now will fall out and the hair that grows in is usually lighter. I'm glad I have your blog now so we can keep in touch better.

Catherine gave me your blog- I love it! You can check mine out at http://dblog.wheelertribe.com

CMC said...

wow! congrats! i had my first in december. william is super handsome! http://christopherandmaria.blogspot.com/ i hear you're in Oregon we should get together sometime...this fall :) when the babies are more ready to travel. :)

Dan and Ang said...

Congratulations! We're so excited for you guys. He is so adorable! We love the pictures! Let us know if we can help out at all. :)

CMC said...

sorry me again i forgot to mention who i am :) Maria (Williams)Liddell old friend from 5th-6th grade

Michelle Williams said...

Hi Clara and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is Michelle Williams from Pleasanton. I am so happy to see your little guy is here. What a CUTE boy!!!

Maria had a boy on Feb. 10th so they will be close in age. Her little guy has red hair like his daddio! His sister is almost white blonde but otherwise they look so much alike, she is 9 and so very helpful!!

You probably know about D through Kathrine. She's due any day now. I am gearing up to help out. I'll stay for 4 weeks or till she hates me which ever comes first! :) Fortunatly she can tell me to go see my Aunt who live's near her.

Mat and his wife Dani have a 10 month old boy and are finishing up at BYU this spring and moving to San Antonio in June. Samantha is on a mission in Fresnoo, spanish speaking. Well that sums up our clan.

I hear you live in Eugene Oregon!! that is only 4 hour from us. We should meet in the middle some time when your folks come to visit.

Glad you have such a wonderful family and supportive hubby!


Michelle Williams said...

OOPS, Maria's boy was born
Dec.10th and she named him Nathan Scott Liddell. I'd be TOAST if I didn't correct that! hahahaha!