Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bath Time

Will had his first bath this morning! We had to make sure he got one while Grandma was here to give him his first bath. He loved it, just relaxing in the ducky bath tube. It has been so nice to have grandma here for the week, helping us learn how this whole parenting thing works. Grandpa came for over the weekend and was able to hang out with Will and help Brian getting a good jump on finishing the crib. Will is such a great baby, even let us sleep for 5 straight hours last night!


Anonymous said...

He is so stinkin' cute! But ya know, he might be out growing that tub already! I just want to snuggle with him right now! hurry May. Love you guys :)
Amy Sue and family

Annie and Jake said...

I'm telling you that child does not look new born. he seems to have a ton of personality just in his pictures.

have fun!

Tarina & Chris said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Williams said...

So dang CUTE, and he looks sweet natured too. William is the perfect name...of course I could be a tad predjudice heehee!!

Your Mom looks GREAT too, I swear she hasn't changed! I wish the same could be said for me.

I hear you all are going to Alaska. We will get to see Amy, Kathrine and Charles on their way up, I'm excited!! They may end up out in a tent on the lawn but we'll feed them for free!!! :D

Congratulations on prince William!