Sunday, February 24, 2008

A new Look

After having a very boring blog template I finally took the time to find a good one. For some reason I like to change the background a lot and thought this was a good one for the time being.
Today has been the first day that I have truly felt uncomfortable, my back will just not stop hurting. Can't stand, sit, or lay down just a constant ache. But I am also 36 weeks and carrying around a little extra weight on the front of me. I love going through everything we have for this little guy. We have truly been very blessed with the generosity of others. We have bought very little for this little one and I feel like we are almost there on the essentials of items for a new baby.
Last night we returned some jeans to Old Navy, (impulse buy a couple weeks ago that I just needed to take back) and while we were there we perused the sale rack. We came out with some great deals, the best 94 cent pants, 2 polo shirts, and another pair of pants, all for less than the impulse buy!! Love it.
Here is a picture at 36 weeks. Less than a month to the due date.
I am ready for him to be here.

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