Sunday, February 17, 2008


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All about my husband and me….

What is his name? Brian Paul Starkey

How long have you been together? Married for a little over 5 and half years!

How long did you date? um we were a little quick- dated 4 months engaged 4 months :)

Who eats more? Brian normally but that is probably at one sitting, being 8 months pregnant I can out eat him throughout the day, I'm always snacking!

Who said I love you first? Brian

Who is taller? Brian

Who is smarter? Brian for sure, especially right now I have no brain cells left

Who does the laundry? I do but Brian helps when he has time

Who does the dishes? It probably ends up being 60/40, I get sick of doing them- I love dish washers

Who sleeps on the right? Brian right now. I am crazy on the sides of beds, I like one side for about 9 months then I have to switch!

Who pays the bills? Automatic bill pay is the best thing in the world, I 'watch' the money more. Brian is in charge of car insurance and the cell phone bill, I do the rest.

Who mows the lawn? A lawn, what would that be like? When we do have a lawn it will be both, I love mowing the lawn if it's sunny!

Who cooks dinner? I do most of the time, but Brian is a very good helper and does his favorites (breakfast for dinner).

Who drives when you are together? Brian

Who is more stubborn? I have to say me. But he still have his stubborn side, especially when it comes to a good deal.

Who kissed who first? Brian kissed me, in my parents kitchen!

Who asked who out first? Brian ask me out- well Michelle really lined us up. A great date, picnic in Wal-Mart on the patio furniture, then one to many games of laser tag and fun at 49th Street Galleria.

Who proposed? Brian, had about 3 people telling me little fibs so he had enough time to set up the 'beach' in the garage at my parents. H wanted to take be the beach but that was a little far and the great salt lake just wouldn't cut it, to stinky! Had sun tan lotion, palm tree, sand, fish (80 goldfish, 1 survived for 3 years named Clyde, rest his soul) shells, and me blind folded then took the ring out of a coconut! Loved it.

Who has more siblings? me (2 sisters, 1 brother Brian 2 sisters)

Who wears the pants? I like pants and so does Brian. I like to think we both have one leg in

I tag: Um who ever reads this- so maybe Kelly, Heather, and ...


Sarah said...

Yea... I am glad you did it!!! It's fun reading about it and fun filling it out yourself because it helps you think about your spouse and the "good ole times"!!!

Chelle said...

I like this! Fun!

But I don't think I can be tagged, because it won't really work for me! I am more stubborn than myself? Yes! I wear the pants? Yes!

Alicia said...

Poor dead Clyde. And sorry Brooke and I said we were stranded;) Well sort of sorry:)

Anonymous said...

so, this is the first i noticed you could post comments on your blog! cool. mowing the lawn in the sun, oohh i can't wait :) he kissed you in our kitchen?! who was home? memories. it was fun to read. love ya, Amy Sue

L Boogie (AKA Leslie) said...

I think I will do that one too!

Leslie in Texas
(Baby due in 6 weeks!)