Sunday, March 2, 2008

We are having a baby this month!! How cool is that, Soon there will be 3 Starkey's, we are so excited, and it has been a lot of fun watching this little boy grow, but it seems that there is not much more room in that little womb. It is seriously fun to watch Clara's own personal wave pool. He is always rolling, kicking and it seems as if he wants Out! Clara says she will miss feeling him everyday, minus the instantaneous need to pee, and the shortness of breath and the occasional sensation in her sciatic nerve. I also think she is ready to have him because her feet and back are starting to hurt more constantly and feels like she is always needing a massage, and I do an ok job at that but she says I get bored to quick. I've started practicing Dr Seuss's tongue twisting tales mainly speaking into Clara's belly button (aka microphone) because that way its like talking into a cup attached to string right? I have been a bit excited about reading to our little guy, but those books are cool! I know that I will soon be more sleepless, and a little more crazy.

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Justin and kelly said...

is he wearing a gas mask??... why?