Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 2011

It was a cold wet May but we still made it outside. Grace loves the swings

Will loves under-dog and going high enough to touch the clouds

I just like this picture. Her cute chubby feet, ready for bed.

We did the Komen Breast Cancer Walk again this year. This year meant a little more with my mom. She is amazing for having surgery 6 weeks earlier and walking a 5k. (she was a little tired after we were finished)

Charles, the kids in the stroller (which fit in the trunk of my Altima!) Unlce Lars, and Mom

All of 'regulars' for the cancer walk. We have a good time. This year we got pink bandanas.

Doesn't she look just cute and innocent and clean. Oh that can is full of dirt.

And it begins. Will isn't so into it. Grace was loving the freedom of it.

Then she started to eat it, not so good.

She was covered in dirt. But she had fun and it was bath time any ways.

I want more to eat!

Blake Steven Oldham 9 lbs. 12 oz. (almost Grace) 21 inches! The newest nephew.

There was a father and sons camp out in late May, usually warm enough but it was still COLD! They were originally going to a place by Thistle but it was still snowed in! Sam and Will had a blast camping together.

These two have a good time. (especially with no one else around)

Following the leader


Grandpa Denney had made this crane a while ago for Will and he is finally playing with it!

Grace loves food. Especially when she can fed herself.

Grace started this new face and I can't get enough of it.

What's up.

Almost there.

Oh that's it!

We had a Boggess (my mom's side of the family) reunion at the Scandinavian Days Festival in Ephraim, Ut. I went to Snow College which is in Ephraim in 99-01 and hadn't been down there in years. It was fun to see the college and where I use to live and the new buildings.
Brian and I ran in the 10k that morning. Brian's first race ever!

Brian's hair is great here!

Grandpa Denney and Aunt Catherine

Grandpa and Grandma (Dad and Mom, Will gets confused and a little mad if I call them mom and dad)

The festival had a fun area that had old fashioned games and stilts. A few of the cousins were actually pretty good at them. I was not.

Daddy and Will up in a tree.

Will loved going on bike rides in this and we just hadn't done it with Grace yet. But she sure loved it too. Will had to get use to the idea that he didn't fit in it any more and that Grace got to ride in it and he had his big bike.

Will in the swings again. Our garden is over there to the left. So any time we are up there we swing.

He looks so grown up in this picture.

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Heather Buttars said...

I love Grace's new little face. I love the video too. Too cute!