Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scope this

We demand a refund! Oh wait there isn't such a thing for bad knees.
Brian gets to have his meniscal repaired/clipped next Thursday, and he is so so excited! Playing basketball way to hard when he was younger ruined his knees. His knee has been bugging him for a while now so he went in to have it looked at. Yep, he had torn the cartilage again. He had the left knee worked on in 1999 and the right one in 2002. So here we go for round #2 (but this time he/we get to pay for it!) I hope he bounces back like he did for the last one but reality is that he is in his late late late twenties now.
I think 3 or 4 days after the 2002 surgery he took me to a concert. This wasn't a sit down nice relaxing concert. It was 311. We were on the floor. Oh the thoughts of the invincible young.

Wish him luck.
Oh and I'm excited to hear what he has to say when he in 'under'. He makes fun of me all the time for talking in my sleep so this is my time to get back at him :)


Nichole said...

Good luck Brian! Kenny just had his wrist done and said some pretty incriminating things, so be careful!

Justin + kelly said...

oh, poor Brian! Hope it all goes well! I cant wait to hear about him "under". Do tell!

ps. I miss you guys!!!!

Sarah said...


denielleandshawn said...

Ouch! Poor Guy! Good Luck!!

Heather Buttars said...

Good luck Brian! See if they can give you any "swinging deals" :)