Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December recap

I've been slacking in the blogging area. Sorry. The holidays were busy busy busy. We were able to spend a lot of time with our families and going to different parties and such. Here's some picture's of what happened. Add Video(for some reason I don't have any pictures with the Denney family! I probably used Amy's camera and forgot about it so until I get those picture's from her... here's some of the happenings)

We bought a our first real Christmas tree this year. Brian went crazy with the lights.
We purchased a few plastic ornaments that I thought were pretty, so did Will. Everyday we rearranged the tree. Will thought it was so much fun.
Our Christmas card picture.
(Sorry if you didn't get a card, we still love you!)
Gingerbread Houses with our neighbors.
I love the trees the best.
Temple Square to see all the lights! It had been really cold but the night we went it was a snowing, which meant it was a little warmer.
Will loves his Uncle John.
The Starkey family (minus Michelle who was still in NYC)
I thought this picture was really pretty with the snow and temple.
Oh so excited for his Christmas pj's and ALL the attention!

Here is where a lot of picture's would be inserted from Christmas with the Denney's. And before Christmas we had a blast up at the cabin with the Caldwell's sledding.

Helping take down the very very dead tree. He sat on it multiple times, having fun attacking the tree and not getting told to 'not touch the tree'. Later that night found A LOT of pine needles in his diaper!
The tree weighed nothing by this time. Look how sad the tree is. It was pretty for the couple weeks we had it. Next year we will water it a little more
Serious fire hazard!
Will going crazy on the coach cushions.
I love him!
Alicia and John have started a new tradition in their house which, while here in Utah was carried on. We MADE a pinata! Didn't it turn out awesome! This years choice of animals was the elephant. There are better picture's of the creation on someone else's camera. Wow I didn't take good picture's this year. It was a blast making and destroying.
I haven't done a pinata in a long long time. We had so much fun! Thanks Alicia and John.
Will was confused why we were hitting something with a stick but when the candy went flying! Oh he was loving it!


Heather Buttars said...

Cute pictures! Christmas wizzed by so quick! I love the picture of Will smashing his face up on the plastic. So cute! We should get together and do something soon. :)

Cam said...

I love the recap. I bet Will was a blast this season. Miss you guys!