Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's been a while

So happy playing in the shower (with Dad)

Peek a boo I see you!

I'm back. I wish I had fun things to write about but I don't really. The house is awesome, we are loving being here, we are getting to know more neighbors and people in the ward. Brian went to Lake Powell for a fun fishing trip with Joe, Charles and one of Joe's friends. I got to hang out with Amy and the kids all weekend. I had so much fun going through all of her old clothes and making her donate things that are way to big for her and really really really out of style! Now she has room in her closet for new clothes :)
I had these taken about a month ago now but thought I would share Will's pictures we had done.

Helping in the kitchen!


Shay said...

So I am assuming that Brian is wearing clothes behind te shower curtain!! I hope you guys are doing well, keep us updated on everything. Love and miss you.

Chelle said...

Such cute pictures! Thanks for posting them!

The Hausmann House said...

Thank you so much for the fun letter and pictures. They are on my frig. No news yet, but I will let you know. Miss you guys lots!!!

Chris, T and Kate said...

Cute pictures! I can't wait to see you guys! :)

Sarah said...

He's just too cute! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

Nichole said...

Thanks for sending the cute pictures and update! We miss you guys.