Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playing in our yard

Will is a crazy boy. He has a good on arm on him already and throws everything. We are working on just balls and soon only outside. Last night when Brian got home they went outside in the yard to play. Oh and our 'yard' is dirt, I wouldn't even go that far, it's really sand with a little dirt and rocks :)

Yes he does have a white onesie on but he was happy...

Do you want a rock?

He does this face all the time. It makes us laugh.

Pure happiness.


He threw that rock!


Shay said...

I love that funny face with the lips, so cute!! I think he looks like somebodies mom that I know. Miss you.

Chelle said...

So cute! You know I love it when you post pictures and videos. And he does look like you with that face, I didn't think of it till Shay said it.

Sarah said...

ahh.. he's too cute! Our yard is all dirt right now too and Carson loves it. It's ALMOST.. just almost tempting to just keep it dirt because he loves it so much! :)

Kari said...

He looks so grown up. What a cute boy he is! Got to love the dirt and all the entertainment it brings to the little ones.

Tammy and Mike said...

I can't believe how Will has grown. What a cutie! We love your house and are so excited for you guys. Hopefully we will be able to stop by if we are able to make a longer trip out to Utah this Summer.