Monday, January 5, 2009

Will's first Christmas

I have to say Christmas to so much better with a kid. I know he doesn't really know what is going on but the boy loves paper and ripping was just so much fun! I honestly didn't really care what I got (I did get great things though) I just loved watching Will and getting him fun things. A few of the things he got were- some awesome trucks! From small to big, squishy and hard, and everything in between. A few clothes, which I love to buy, his first toothbrush (yes he has had teeth for a while but I'm a neglectful mom...), a little wood hammer thing, and some other toys. He is spoiled with all the aunts and uncles and of course the grandparents. Here is my favorite part, the pictures!

Our conductor while singing Christmas Carols

We act out the nativity every year, Will was a shepherd.
He only hit a few people with his staff (aka cane)!

We all look a little scary (and I look like I'm 12!) but the kids were perfect. Sam was the perfect size for being baby Jesus and even fit in the little manger! I love all my mom's old costumes we have used them for years for the nativity.

Christmas morning waiting to go downstairs.
Yes Amy is brushing her teeth!

Everyone was excited for Will's bath time toys!

First Toothbrush! Open wide

Will sportin' his new tie and hat!
This has to be one of my favorite picture's, his eyes are amazing.

Someone is tired! We love that truck, it's the old school metal tonka!

Playing ball with Grandpa S. (check out those thunder thighs!)

So the niece's got this awesome doll house and Will thought he was King Kong and Godzilla or something to that effect and was taking over! He thought he was pretty cool, he even got down without falling to hard. (He is going to be walking so soon!)

Will and Courtlyn at the Boggess Christmas Party!

The ultimate basket


D said...

What a blast! First Christmases are the best! Kaden is just now starting to "get" Christmas. He didn't want me to take down the tree and he asks for presents from santa every day now. LOL!

Cam said...

I bet that was the funnest Christmas with WIll and Amy's kids. I cannot wait till Bryce is old enough to understand Christmas.

Shay said...

Will is soooo cute, and you guys are too. I bet you had a great x-mas. Wish we could be together to celebrate the holidays. Sorry, I am a bad friend and have not called you back, I will, I promise. What is the update with the house??