Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a week

This last week has been so many things. We had some fun events planned and some unexpected not so fun things. Last weekend Brian and Will were sick but thankfully it only lasted a couple of days. My good friend from high school was in town for her sister's wedding, it was so fun to see Nichole and catch up.
Then we went to temple square with the Tersigni's from Oregon and enjoyed the lights at least for a little while, it was freezing! and we had our boys with us.
But we had a great dinner together in a warm restaurant. We miss those guys.

Will, Brian, Kayla, Thomas, and Steven

Will loved the lights!

Our little family

Thomas and Clara (that's me)
Thomas is awesome, he can burp on command!!

Look I'm a photographer!

The unexpected was the passing of my Uncle Weldon. He was such a great man, so loving to everyone and knew so many people and touched many lives with his love. His wife Pauline, who passed away in 1999, is my mom's sister. He had been sick for a couple months and was in ICU for about 3 weeks with what they think is a rare lung disease. But he was so positive and very 'active' while in the hospital and during that time his 6 kids were able to see him and say their goodbyes and to go be with their mom. I am thankful for the knowledge that he is with Pauline now. He will be greatly missed. His funeral was the best one I have ever been to. Very spiritual.


Tammy and Mike said...

Hi Clara and Brian! Just checkin' in. Will is as cute as ever. We are excited about your house. You'll have to give us a tour when we come out...if we come out. We have never seen this much snow in
Oregon--8 to 10 inches on our lawn. Merry WHITE Christmas!

Shay said...

Looks like fun, I miss doing the temple square light thing, it makes the whole season complete!! Oh, and I am glad you guys have a hole and a foundation, good for you!!!!