Monday, September 15, 2008

So Many Things...

A lot has happened in the last four weeks since we moved to Utah,
at least with Will. He is now rolling over all the time now, eats 'real'
food,sits up like a champ, and can pull himself up
on his feet with a little help!

I was so excited to have Will wear this outfit, I was waiting and
waiting until it fit... well I waited to long and it was so tight on him!
The pants barely went over his belly and the shirt,
well it's a muscle shirt and it would roll up!

We went boating over Labor Day, Will's first time and he loved it. Being the very prepared mom I am, I forgot to bring a hat for him so he got wear cousin Megan's!

"I want to go wake boarding now!"

What ya cookin' Will?

I think he's getting to big for the sick.

Will on cousin Megan's lap, I think they are the same size!

This is an older picture but I just found it and love it, he was totally asleep in the swing!


Nichole said...

Well at least he got to wear the shirt it for the next one! I can't believe how big he is already!!

D said...

They grow so fast! How cool that he will get to grow up by his cousins doing fun things like boating! Makes me want to move by cousins for my boys even more. They are all in the same place- WA. It's just finding the job that works that's hard.

Aubrey said...

I love the picture of Will in the pot. So cute! I laughed out loud. :)

Kari said...

He sure is a cute little boy! Too bad about the outfit...I hate when that happens.

Heather said...

Found your blog from Kristin and Blake's blog! Hope you don't mind, I added you guys to our friends list. Can't believe how much Will has grown!!!! He's a cute one! How's the house hunt going?

Justin + Kelly said...

Oh, Little WILL!!! My boy is getting so big! I miss my boy, and a bit of his folks too. love you guys!

Andy and Shay said...

He is so fat and cute, I love the chunky babies, and that is all that we produce ourselves!

The Buttars said...

I love the pictures and the video of Will eating. He is soo cute. I will have to send you the pictures from the Fair. It was fun to hang out with you guys.

The Tersignis said...

Yay will! It's so fun when they start showing you all of their neat tricks! He is so cute, and we love the pictures! Miss you guys!

tlenox said...

He is soooo cute and big. We miss you here and hope everything is going well. Next trip to Utah we'll be giving you a call.