Saturday, July 19, 2008

Places to go, People to see

Ok, ok so many of you want to know where we are moving, well that is the same question I am wondering also. We are in the process of finding this out. This last year we were renting a house from a couple in the ward that was on a mission in China, original plan was for them to come back on the 21st of July but circumstances made it so that they needed to be home in the next week so out we were by the 7th of July. It was quick packing and a scramble to figure out where to live, but Jake and Annie came to the rescue. We are living with them for a while, until we know what we are doing. We can't thank them enough. Wish us luck with the job hunt.

As we were getting into the swing of things at the Callister residence and Brian was in the groove of getting resumes and portfolio's out there, Brian's grandma passed away. It was expected and a good thing. But we had the decision of going or not to the funeral. We didn't have the money so with the help of Brian's parents we were able to be there for the funeral and be with family. I was able to meet the rest of Brian's aunts and uncles that don't live close. It was a great family reunion and a really good funeral. All of Grandma's living children made it there. That is 9 from all over, I think Uncle Loren wins on the farthest away, Iraq. I'm glad that we were there, and it was great to see everyone and have them be with Will. (Next entry will be for the Will update). The funeral was in Kaysville then we made the 2 hour drive down the Goshen, go to Santaquin then west another 3 towns, then the middle of nowhere and you are there! That is where Grandma's first husband, Gloria's Dad, is buried. It was fun to see where she grew up.

We spent the weekend with the Starkey side, but on Monday for my birthday we spent it with my family. We went swimming (I'd have to say my favorite thing is swimming in the sunshine, kind of miss my life guarding days of sitting in the sun all day, and teaching little kids how to swim!). Will loved it, floating around the lazy river with Hannah, Emmy, Megan, and Will, we had a blast. Then up to the mountains for dinner and peach cobbler! We weren't very prepared for going up there so Will got to wear a pink long sleeve shirt of Megan's! We also shot clay pigeons and targets, which is always fun. I just loved being with the family.

Oh how could I forget. We own a beautiful car that we have had sitting in Utah for the last 2 years. We had been trying to figure out how to get it here or what to do with it, so when we knew we were going to Utah for the funeral we decided we would drive it back to Oregon. Oh that car is a wonder. It 'grew' it's own security system, this being 8 wasp nests in the car. Not in in the car but in the cracks. Seriously those little suckers are annoying! After a lot of funny dancing around Brian got all the nests and off we were in the most comfortable car made. Does any one know of a driver sit for a 95 Saturn that we can buy? :)


SSCaldwell said...

He looks great with those ear plugs. And pink is great for his skin tone.

Black Fam said...

Girl, you're all over the place! Sorry about Grandma :0( But I'm glad you were able to be with family for a while. And ditto about the pool. Totally took for granted those summers at the pool. Loved it. (Subliminal Message: MOVE TO NC... MOVE TO NC... MOVE TO NC...)