Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 4 Months!

Will is now 4 months old and is weighing in at 19 lbs. Yes that is correct 19 lbs. I know some of you have these petite little things that weigh that much at 2 years old, but Will is packing on the weight so his mom will have buff arms :) He is off the charts for his weight and height, 28 inches long. He is just a big baby, but happy as ever. He has rolled over a couple times, mainly on accident but still he did it! And sitting up is coming, he sits up for a while then folds in half or falls onto his stomach. He is just the cutest. I absolutely love his laugh and smile.

This is the newest thing- the giant exersaucer- he loves exploring all the toys.
And he still does the cute concentrating lips!

He was laughing like crazy right before we took the picture.

Staring at Daddy!

Play Time

Smile :)

One of the new fun things is to totally eat Dad's hair!
Do you think we could make money on baby slobber?

Nap Time. It is so funny when he "talks" in his sleep!


The Buttars said...

Clara and Brian,

Will is so dang cute! You guys make cute babies. He has bright big blue eyes. We miss you guys.

D said...

He is adorable! No worries- Kaden was that size at 4 months too. His weight gain slowed a ton once he started crawling and walking. Besides Will is sooooo handsome I know you weren't worried anyway- just tired from carrying him around. :)

Jar & Ash said...

He is so adorable! And I think he looks so much like both of you. Hope all is well in the Starkey's life!

Kari said...

What an adorable little boy! He looks like so much fun.

Sarah said...

holy moly!!! I wish I could just play with your little chunk! :) He is soo adorable. I love the eyes!!! PS-Carson weighed 20lbs and was 29" at his 1 year apt!!!! You're going to need a bigger carseat before you know it! :) Miss you guys!

Justin + kelly said...

What a cutie!! He already looks like he's 2! maybe its all the hair, and I am totally jelous. I wont let justin see him though, he will have will signed into an agent contract with crayons.