Friday, April 25, 2008


For graduation/Christmas/ birthday/ and every other holiday in between my parents are taking the family on an Alaskan Cruise! We are so excited for a big family vacation. We leave the day after Brian graduates for a week of adventures in Alaska. Here's the crazy part, since we are leaving from Vancouver, B.C., Canada we all have to have passports. Yes that includes Will, who will only be 3 months old! Supposedly the new law that requires everyone to have a passport to travel in and out of Canada or Mexico won't go into effect until 2009 but from what we have heard the hassle of getting over the boarder can be ugly if you don't have one. So we opted to get Will his very own passport. I've been telling Brian that since he has his passport now we are going to have to travel! I'm thinking somewhere warm, Mexico? Caribbean? And I think I deserve a tropical vacation for putting him through 5 years of school! We'll have to wait until the school loans are paid off but I will get my vacation someday :) Right now I'm happy with the thought of Brian being done with school in 7 weeks!


Mike and Emily said...

Hey that is totally cool! That will be so much fun. Will will be little enough that it will actually be nice having your child with you. That is so exciting that Brian will be done in 7 weeks. I can't believe it. We are excited to see you guys next week.

Love ya,

Black Fam said...

How fun Clara! My in-laws went on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago and loved it. You're going to have a blast!

Chelle said...

Is that Will's passport photo? Cause it's adorable.

Jessica said...

We looked into going on a cruise when Asher was a baby. I thought the cruise lines had rules that the baby needs to be at least 6 mo to go on a cruise.

The Cuddeback's said...

You are going to have so much fun on your Alaskan cruise! How exciting and Brian is almost done with school-wow we are growing up so fast!

Michelle Williams said...

Congrats on the finishing of school!!!! Your little guy is adorable!!! Your family will LOVE taking turns with him. Some of them will stay a night at our house on the way to Vancouver, yeah for us!!! Wish we got to see you and your folks too!

Maria's hubby will graduate in June too and my son Matt finishes this month. Now a whole new life begins. Will you stay in Oregon? First come to Seattle and see us and Maria she has a 4 month old boy. :D Free room and board!

BTW D got her first passport photo taken on the way home from the hospital, 2 days old. We left Japan when she was 7 weeks old!

Have lots of fun on the cruise!!