Friday, January 11, 2008

Reality Purchase

We got so many great gifts from the shower but didn't get the
essential car seat and stroller but we had received enough money
to go get it ourselves. Having never done this or even looked for a car seat or stroller we spent the whole day on Saturday searching almost every store that carries baby items and online for the 'perfect' in budget car seat and stroller. Finally after the whole day we went to Sears (of all places I didn't think to go there), and all the baby items were on sale, we found the perfect stroller (or so we think, haven't used it yet but...) it is compact but has a basket storage thing under and shade/rain cover and I like the color. Then we found the car seat that actually matches the stroller. The car seat is the basic Graco brand, but it works and was the right price. When we got home we had to put them together and figure everything out and discovered we had gotten a 'travel system' and didn't even know it! I was excited, the car seat fits into the stroller, has the base that will stay in the car, and the stroller is small enough that we will still have trunk space. I loved watching Brian make sure he knew how to fold and unfold the stroller and secure the car seat. Reality is setting in!!


Tara said...

It is getting so close for you! I was always so overwhelmed with all of the "stuff" babies need. It's crazy!

Good job with the travel system. I definitely recommend it. The only annoying thing is that the stroller takes up a ton of room in the trunk!

Alicia said...

You get a baby this year!! Wahoo!

Tarina & Chris said...

Fun purchases! That's awesome. I can't wait to see photos of the little starkey!! :) Love ya guys!!