Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Thanksgiving can do!

So many of you have requested a picture of my ever growing belly. Here it is, taadaa. This was taken today, 11/28/07 at 24 weeks along. The other picture is from the 13th. He is sitting really high and loves to roll around and throw punches and kicks all day :) I love feeling him moving around in there. Actually today I saw one of the kicks through my shirt. He's gonna be a soccer player or something active. It is crazy how fast time has gone by, we are over half way there. I've been very lucky to not get sick at all, just crazy eczema all over that is now getting under control after to many months of scratching. I went to a dermatologist that gave me a mega cream to get it under control. My face is finally one color (not tan because the sun doesn't shine here) but I'll take the one color instead of red blotches everywhere. But enough about the skin issues. He is doing great. Growing all the time, which puts me into maternity clothes pretty much all the time now. My selection of clothes got bigger thanks to Tammy!!
We had a great Thanksgiving with Mike and Tammy Gates up in Portland for the day. It was nice to be with family and just hang out and have fun eating way to much yummy food. I hope everyone else had a good holiday. We are excited for Christmas to see our families and friends in Utah.

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Kari said...

Clara, this is a long lost buddy...Kari (Daniels)now Carlson. I was on Sarah's blog and found yours. I blog as well and we are due with babies about the same time! I am prego with girl #2. Our oldest is 2 1/2, Averi. I'm due about 3/23 with baby Claire! You can go to Sarah's blog to find mine. I would love to hear from you. Good to see you...on the blog that is. You look great!