Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas is coming

While I have had my Christmas decorations out for a week now, this weekend I really got into the holiday spirit. There are so many things that make this time of year special. Here's my list of what has put me in the Christmas mood: finals, Brian will be done with this quarter tomorrow night, only 2 more quarters to go (and a baby in there too!); rain, I have to put rain now because Eugene rarely gets any snow and when it does everything closes down but SLC got a good 6 inches that I was jealous of; deciding what to give as presents to family and friends; Christmas lights up all over town; the parties already scheduled three weeks in advance; my anticipation of driving 13 hours to see our families, what's a Christmas without driving 3 states away to drive into the valley and see snow and walk into the oh so familiar home; starting the month with the first presidency devotional, I love the music and hearing from the first presidency; singing in the ward choir, we have both loved going to choir and singing the Christmas songs, we sing it the rest of the day and realize we don't remember the words; sugar cookies, (waiting for mom's lebkuchens); secret santa at work; hiding presents from Brian; and most importantly re-reading the story of Christ's birth and realizing how much we are indebted to him for his birth and sacrifice. I love this season!

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Tara said...

Hi Clara!

your blog is so cute! I'm adding you to my list if that's ok. I love this time of year too. It is the best!!