Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last Days in Rome

These last couple of weeks have been busy as usual with exciting things to see and do, but even more so with school projects. Brian's parents come out for a couple days this last week for a great visit. It is was nice to see them and go to all the sights. (And we are very thankful they were able to get on the first flight directly out of Rome to Newark then to Salt Lake!) Brian is finishing his final project right now, presenting on Thursday. Then we go to Venice and the surrounding areas Monday morning for a week and then we are off to other parts of Europe for 2 weeks and then a visit with family in Utah!
It has been a great experience 'living' in Rome and learning the culture here. I can't post any picture's right now- Mom and Dad Starkey were great and took part of our luggage with them and the laptop which has the latest picture's. Hopefully we will be able to when we are on the next adventure.


Camille said...

Brian and Clara!

You two are so cute! You must have had the time of your lives! I've loved looking at your pictures and reading about your adventures. If you're in town, you should visit the architecture building! We're all in school again! Talk to you soon!


Alicia said...

You ought to update. and say hi on ours ;)