Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Birthday in Sorrento and Positano!

This weekend was amazing! We went to Pompeii- the ruins, what happened for those who didn't know like me, Mount Vesuvius exploded a long time ago and buried the city under 30 feet of ash then was rediscovered in 1700s and now we have to pay to see it! It was amazing how well it was preserved, the streets were my favorite. But that was Friday; after Pompeii we took a boat down to Sorrento and beautiful sea town. We had dinner on the beach- Brian ordered a plate of fresh fish, what he got was a plate full of 10 3-6" fish!! We went swimming in a fun 'pool' and explored around.
Then on we went to Positano, my favorite. It is a small town that only has a street at the top of town and is built basically on a cliff or really steep mountain. Just like in the movies. We rented a kayak for a couple hours and went around the coast, found a couple little rock islands and went swimming. The water is so clear and clean. It was a great 26th birthday weekend.


Alicia said...

I'm on here now.

Camille said...

Brian and Clara!

You two must be having the time of your lives! Your pictures are gorgeous. Italy must be the most fantastic place. One day, I'll make it there . . . Good for you for getting out in the world and exploring and eating fish! I'll keep checking the blog!

Camille Coons

P.S.--Happy birthday, Clara!