Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day in Rome

Michelle and I arrived in Rome on Thursday June 21st. We amazingly got the first flight out of Newark, sitting together. Michelle had gotten off a flight for Ireland 30 minutes before we left, so it was a little rushed, but we were on our way to Rome. Not knowing if we were going to get a flight or where to, we didn't make any hotel reservations, so when we got to Rome we pulled out the Italian phrase/ dictionary and attempted to find a hotel. Not having much luck we went to a reservation service in the airport, probably cost more but after and hour or so of trying to speak Italian and figuring out the dumb calling card we were done. It ended up being a nice hotel near the Colloseum. After dropping off the luggage (to the astonishment of Brian and others I packed everything in one carryon and my backpack!! Yes I plan on shopping!)
We made our way down to the Colosseo, Paletino, and Campidoglio. That night there was a free concert at Camidoglio which was amazing; there was a choir, pianist, percussion, string, and a girl’s choir. We just sat on the steps with a couple hundred other people and enjoyed the concert.
My first impressions of Rome were of the Colosseo (well other than the airport but I don't think that counts) I felt like I was walking through my history books. The fact that this structure was still standing, that we know some much about that civilization and there is a very busy street full of vespa's and tour buses less than 50 feet away from it. The arches, sculpture, everything was done by hand over a thousand years ago. But it was built to last, like the Roman Empire. An amazing city.

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