Sunday, April 29, 2012

September 2011

We love camping and so do the kids! Our good friends, the Nielson's, are our camping buddies.
Grace and Charlotte are 4 months apart and just so cute together.

 As you can see we 'car' camp. Pull in, set up the tent less than 25 feet from the car, bathrooms, and running water. 
More camping than some, less than others. We love it, and it works great with the kids.

 We need more marshmallows!

 Our little hike up by Brighton

 We forgot the kid backpack 
(which she probably doesn't fit in anyways) 

 Her little, well really big, personality is so fun

 Charlotte, Lindsay, Jeremy, Bridger, Will, Kennedy, Clara, Grace, Brian

 Funny faces!

 We went fishing at the little lake in our community. 
Will was so excited he caught one!

 First day of Preschool! Can't believe my little guy is old enough to have a backpack.

 More fishing!

 Grace LOVES all animals and would kiss any. So of course Daddy had her kiss the fish

 Dirty Dash! 10k through the mud and obstacles. 
Clara and Amanda. (My bandanna looks dumb! Amanda's looks good)

 Brian did some amazing artwork on our 'team' shirts. 
Wet Bandits!

our team, clean before the race
Joe, Amy, Clara, Steve, Amanda, Brian
 Lookin' good Steve

 Not sure why we did this, but it's funny

 Through the last mud pool

 We all laughed. A lot

 The race started up a little hill that was complete mud, I don't think anyone fell. Then ran a little ways, through some more mud, and big puddles/ stream things. Over huge hay stacks, through a small tunnel pipe thing, over a wall (well under for the girls or around!) ran some more, then went wading through part of a lake/swamp, balance beam, jump a stream, slide down a slip and slide, then in the final mud pool! It was a blast and I will totally do it again.

 Completely covered in mud. Everywhere

 This may have been the best kiss ever.

 Brian did a nice dive into the last mud pool and went all the way under

 The ladies looking good in some nice reject shorts and shirts that should never be worn again. The socks were all matching at the beginning of the race.

 The boys!


The Nielson Family said...

How fun! Love all those camping pictures--the kids look so little!! Was it really a year ago??? And that dirty dash looks hysterical--it is definitely on my list!!!

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