Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011

Will got to play soccer in a little neighborhood group this year, I thought he would just love it! Well it went for about 8 weeks and we had 2 or 3 good days. The day of pictures just describes what soccer was like for us this year. (we will try again in a year or two)

Really, getting pictures is torture
(if you are stubborn and don't want them taken)

Will's fun soccer friends. I wanted him to be in the picture and he just laid there and bawled, not crying- bawling. I feel kind of bad for the other moms and having to have this picture for their kids but I really just love it!

"Will, soccer is so fun. Let's run and kick the ball. I'll even go with you"
There was some bribing going on but really nothing worked. It really just was when he wanted to start playing is when he went and played.

On one of the good days. He is so coordinated and
good at running with the ball and kicking goals.

He even played good with the other kids. Kicking the ball back and forth.

Finally a Will face!

He got so excited when he made a goal!

Grace swimming at the pool! I love her swimsuit, size 2t for my 10 month old

One night I noticed the yard looked a little funny! oh we had a sinking problem when a pipe broke. Love spending our money on sprinkle parts. Thankfully Brian is handy and could fix it himself and so we only had to pay for parts.

Triathlon! Brian and I both did the triathlon in Daybreak this year. It was so fun training for it with Brian. I did the sprint distance and Bri did the olympic. I love that it is in our neighborhood, we swam in Oquirrh Lake, rode bikes to the copper mine and ran around the lake.

Brian coming around the lake, second time around.

He did awesome for his first race. And his knees have been doing great with the running! He's into it now and wants to do one every year! I'm right there with him.

Will loved the snacks for the racers.

Brad and Kathy, Brad Davis, Brian and Clara
All the boys did the olympic distance, Kathy and I had nothing to prove so sprint for us.

For the tri they mark your legs with what distance you are racing and your age. I was so mad they put 30 on my leg. I wasn't 30 yet but they wanted your age of this year. Dumb.

Starkey family reunion in Paris, Idaho (for the second and last time, in Paris that is) We went hiking. Watch out for the poops. (horses had gone by earlier)

Will, Thomas, and Eleanor eating snacks.
Those 3 played so good together.

Over the broken bridge. The water was running really high this year.

My fun family.

Grace was a little tired and just gave in.

We got a little bored and it was to cold to go to Bear Lake and
swim so we drove up to Lava Hot Springs. I had never been there,
it was a good time and the kids loved swimming in the warm water!

Grace just lookin' cute in the car after a long drive.

Brian raced/participated in the MS 150 this year. Harmon's is one of the biggest sponsors for the race and Prescott Muir (who Brian works for) does the architecture for Harmon's so he was able to ride for 'free'. He had never done a 100 mile rice before and had a good time!

Is Daddy done yet?
We met him at the rest stops and to cheer him on.

Grace passed out in the car.

Go Brian!

That's some awesome hair.

He made it, and no flats. (only 'crashed' once, well really just fell over while stopped)

Will was excited for his Daddy.
It was an awesome race. I might join Brian next year,but only the 40/70 miles!
The kids were done and tired so we headed out pretty quick, got the car loaded up and we on the road. Got home. Where is your tire? In our kind of hurry to load the car and bike the tire got left on the grass right by where our car was parked! Thankfully it was in the community pool parking lot and the girl working was so nice to go out and get it for us. And then Brian's aunt that lives in Logan went and got it from the nice girl and brought it down the next week. So glad that all worked out.

I think we need to mow our lawn!

Oh this girl
Grace getting so big!

Grace likes to have one toy in each hand, then if she see something that wants also she just bends over and gets it with her teeth!

I love it!

Extreme Home Makeover came to our neighborhood, well actually right across the street from our good friends! I got to volunteer the day before it was finished and saw the inside and all that fun stuff. I also got to paint some of the bed. It was fun because it was for a family that really needed it. But it is a tv show, it is all staged. And Ty really doesn't do anything but show up. And the designers well they don't do much either. Oh well we had fun any ways.

Cute Will, not really knowing what is going on.

Brook and Kathy, we ended up on Kat's roof because there were so many people.

Will and I on the roof enjoying watching the madness.

Move that Bus

Our garden this year!
We had a really wet and mild June which went a great garden.

Broccoli almost ready to eat.

Onions, I'd never grown onions before but they're easy to grow and taste so yummy.

in the front, carrots, lettuce, beets. In the back are the artichokes.

Will got to go to swimming lessons. He is such a good fish!

He and Chloe had fun swimming.

One Grace's awesome faces. This wasn't just the picture taken late, this is one of her funny faces!

My crazy 9 1/2 month old walking around

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