Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was great as usual for us this year. I think kids make Christmas so much more exciting. Will loved all the parties and presents. Grace loved being held by everyone everywhere we went.

Top left: Sam and Will pantless riding the sheep, they are good little buddies Top middle: Clara, Catherine, Amy- I love being with my sisters Top right: Brian with his new brain bucket (aka helmet) Bottom left: Grace with the cowboy hat that only fit her! Bottom middle: Sam got a 'horse' and he gave Will a ride Bottom right: Grace with her new hat with cousin Emmy

Every year we act out the Nativity, this year we did it at my Great-Grandma's assisted living center. Will and Sam were great shepherds, Charles a star! Grandpa read the story, Grandma played the piano, and the rest of us had our parts but not very good pictures. Amy was the pregnant Mary, I was the Mary after the birth, Grace was Jesus, the girls angels and wise men. I think that covers everything.
We had fun acting it out and singing.

The Denney Family on Christmas day 2010

After all the presents were opened and breakfast eaten we played cowboys and Indians. Shot down with rubber bands. I even hit a couple!

A couple days before Christmas we headed downtown to see the lights at Temple Square. It is always so pretty and I love how many people go to see them. All the different nativity scenes are fun. Will loved the lights and water, he wanted to touch the water so bad. Grace was with us, bundled up in her car seat on the stroller. I don't even think she got a peek.

My 16 week old rollie pollie smiley girl!

These two are just to cute. They both have a little dimple, dark hair, and blue eyes. Definitely brother and sister.

I love this boy. He is just so fun and crazy! We did have Christmas on the Starkey side, I just didn't take many pictures. Michelle was in town for a couple days and we were able to celebrate while she was her. We missed Alicia and John.

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Sarah said...

Love the photos! Grace is so cute!! Oh and Sam totally looks like Charles... at least there is some major Denney in him if it isn't Charles!!