Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Starkey Super Hero's!

We had fun cold and rainy Halloween. Will loved getting candy in his pumpkin patch. He couldn't just say pumpkin. Pumpkin patch cookie, pumpkin patch (candy holder), patch for some reason always follows pumpkin. He is just to cute.
In Daybreak (where we live) there was trick-or-treating in the shopping area, which turned out to be great cause we could get warmed up then go get more candy. We then had a great dinner over at the Alldredge's and more trick-or-treating.

Black Diamond Gym opened up for everyone for free.
Will had fun running around going crazy.

So Will's personality right now. Just a goof ball.

We had two pictures with the superheros weapon right in front of Will's face!

Special undercover agent G.S. (Grace Starkey)


Alicia said...

I am so happy I sent that mustache.

Summer said...

So cute!