Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grace's Blessing

November 7th, Grace was given a special blessing and name by her Daddy. Brian gave her an amazing blessing, the spirit was so strong. I feel so privileged to have a husband who honors his priesthood and has the spirit with him, who loves his children and me, and shows the light of Christ in the way he lives. We are so blessed to have so many family members close to us and that come to support us. I am so lucky to have two darling babies now. Grace is my little girl and I still can't believe I am a mom to two beautiful kids.

Blaine, Val, Steve, Grandpa Starkey, Great-Grandpa Starkey, Daddy, Grace, Dan, Lars, Joe, Grandpa Denney
(Uncle Jay was also in the circle but he somehow got out of being in the picture)

Are you really still taking pictures of me?

Grandma Denney, Grace, and Great-Grandma Denney

I love her blessing dress, she looked so pretty!

Great Grandma and Grandpa Starkey

Oh my happy happy girl!

Great Uncle Lars, Great-Grandma Boggess, and Grandpa Denney

After the fun afternoon with a house full of people this is how we all felt,
kind of crazy!

Grace was so happy all day, but was getting tired.


Chelle said...

Awww, she's so cute! Sorry I missed it!

Heather Buttars said...

I love the pictures of Grace in her blessing dress. She is adorable! She is growing so quick!

Cam said...

Oh my gosh, she is getting so stinking cute! I mean she was cute before, but I love her grown up a little - she is stinkin' adorable. But we all knew she was going to turn out that way. ;) Can't wait to watch her grow.