Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun at the Cabin

After a very relaxing and fun Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin Natalie's we headed up to the cabin for a couple days. There was just enough snow for sledding. Will loved it!

Eskimo Will. He definitely stayed warm with all the layers.

He has the best blue eyes!
Will is saying new words everyday. He knows what cold is
and snow ('no') and 'burrrzers'

Hannah, Emmy, Brian, Will, and Megan
We love hanging out with the cousins!

Megan, Hannah, and Will trying to ice skate

Yes this is Sam. A boy. He has 3 older sisters and so he is stuck with PINK everything. Pink hat, pink glove, pink snow pants, pink boots, and the green jacket is a thank you to his BOY cousin Will. Poor boy. He was fun to watch walking in the snow.

Toothless Hannah! She looks even more homeless than Sam.

Megan, cute as ever. Will's buddy.

It's a seal! oh wait no it's Emmy Lu

Charles 'ice skating' with Megan.
(Megan is our die hard, wanting to go more and crazier!)


Joe said...

ha ha ha -so my children look pretty sad! maybe we can't afford clothes that fit and are gender correct! ha ha Thanks for a good laugh. Love ya

Catherine said...

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. It was so nice to see everyone.
Your pictures turned out great.