Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the end of my favorite time

I am sad and slightly depressed that summer is gone. I hate having to turn on the heater, wearing socks, and sweatshirts. I will miss going to the pool every week, wearing shorts, going outside without shoes, being warm... I could go on and on. (I keep bugging Brian to plan on taking me on a cruise in February so I can survive!) On September 26th the last day the pool was open for the year, we went for a dip. It felt so good after working in the yard. Will is a little fish with no fear of the water.

Blowing bubbles

Break time, and he has to have his own chair no. He doesn't like to share with me any more.

My new fun thing is Bountiful Baskets, it's a food co-op that is now in South Jordan. I got all of this produce for $16. And it was all tasty!

One of the many benefits of having a mom with fruit trees. Pears! I made the jam without calling my mom once! I think it looks beautiful. (I almost cried when I dropped one in the basement, delicious jam all over the cement)

Peaches! peaches! peaches! and more peaches. I will never go without peaches. My mom has a big tree and my in-laws have one big tree and then an orchard! I froze enough to last the entire winter and then bottled even more! (and with the 'new' deep freeze I can freeze as many things as I want)


Brooke said...

Girl, you need to get your behind to NC... it's 83 degrees right now and GORGEOUS!!! Halloween, average temp is 75. You would LOVE love love it here.
And your fruit is gorgeous. I wish so badly we had a cold storage (or any basement at all) so I could copy cat your domestic-ness.

Shellie said...

You guys are such a cute little family! What a perk of where you live to have that pool! Sounds so fun and so good for Will to get used to the water when he's young. We miss you.... take care!

Kari said...

Glad you found Bountiful Baskets. It really is a great thing, huh?!
I made 33 jars of peach freezer jam...enough to last more than we need, I think! I wish I knew how to can so I could have jars of peaches of like yours.

Shay said...

Great job on the jam and not having to call your mom, that is awesome! Miss you a ton. What is Will going to be for Halloween?

Mike and Em said...

I totally hear you! I am so not happy for fall to be here. I miss the summer. It looks like you guys had so much fun. So are we having a halloween party???? Like old time. We would love to see you guys soon!

The Tersigni Family said...

Ok, so we did move out here for school...but Steven is in a masters program in physiology and biophysics...basically it's a pre med program to get into medical school. He takes the first year med school classes, with the med students (same classes, same grading) but isn't actually enrolled in the medical school. They send his grades to all of the schools he has applied to, and depending on where he ends up going, he may be able to pass out of the classes he has already taken. And if not...he is already ahead of the game, since he already took the first year classes. It's confusing...I know. But he's applying now, for med school next year...which would start in August. Phew....sorry for such a long and boring comment. We miss you guys too!! Come visit us in DC!