Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yellowstone is the coolest place! When we were there I thought, how weird would it be to be the first person to find this place. You're going along in what you think is a normal forest but no here's a huge geyser and some hot bubbling paint pot things and just crazy weird things everywhere. Random thought for the day.
We had a blast with my Mom and Dad, Amy, Joe, Hannah, Emmy, Megan, and Sam. I was a little nervous because our last camping experience was not the greatest but I came prepared for the cold. Hats, gloves, coats, and warm socks. The first night wasn't bad, the second wasn't either, but the third, buuuuuurrrrrrr. Will stayed nice and cozy with his many layers and hat. But his fourth molar decided to make its way up and give him a fever and make him very cranky. Other than that it was a blast.

Swimming at Firehole.

Grandpa and Sam. (Grandpa/Dad actually got in the water a little)

Amy and Megan- obviously having fun

Grandma coming down for the crazy rapids
I remember the rapids that you can swim in being a lot bigger...

Me, Megan, and my special sister Amy

Will is ready to go caving when he wakes up from his nap
(He really wouldn't let me take it off)

Emmy Lou

Meg eating breakfast in a bowl because we forgot the plates!

Hannah, Emmy, Amy, Megan, Grandma
Old (not so) Faithful

Will and Megan getting way to close to the buffalo

Grandpa, Grandma, Will, Brian, Clara,
Megan, Hannah, Joe, Emmy, Amy, Sam

(we missed Catherine, and Charles)

The buffalo was huge!
We all do a great impression of what he sounds like.

And that's Joe in the side mirror.


Cam said...

I love all the pictures! Espically Will in his caving attire. It is so cute to see the next generation of Denney's, I bet they have a blast together.

Nichole said...

Looks like so much fun!

Tammy and Mike said...

You have a GOOD LOOKIN' family! What a fun trip! (We were at the Oquirrh mountain temple last month and I was wishing I had your address!)

Justin + kelly said...

what a fun trip!

JillC said...

How come your mother hasn't aged??? No fair. It is fun seeing pictures of all of you and your little ones. How fun it must be to have them live close.