Sunday, February 15, 2009

We have a walker!

This weekend was a great relaxing weekend. We went to the family cabin with my brother, and sister and her family. Amy and I had a great dinner planned, almost everything worked out:) I had fun making lava cakes, they have to cook longer than I thought so it was a little gooey but who doesn't like that? And breakfast with pink grapefruit, pink pancakes, poached eggs in a heart shape, and all that on pink and red plates! Cupid also came and put hearts all over the cabin. Later we enjoyed some homemade chocolate dipped strawberries! yum
Brian was awesome and gave me the dishes to cook the lava cakes in and painted my toes for me He did a great job until Will bumped him. I love him for that. But better than all that was Will WALKED!! yep he finally was brave enough to take almost 3 steps on his own. I was so excited (scared Sam when I screamed). He's done it a couple more times since then but not completely on his own yet. I'm sure he will when I'm not looking :)
Oh yeah I can stand all on my own.
Yummy Lava Cakes!
Megan dancin'

Will, Brian, Joe, and Sam (he's a little nervous about something!)


Alicia said...


Chelle said...

Yay for Will walking! Thanks for posting it! He's getting so big.

brooke hausmann said...

I can't believe he is already walking. It seems like just yesterday we heard his first cry. Man how time flys. I miss you guys and I cna't believe I am going to miss seeing you. I write soon about new updates.

Shay said...

Sounds like fun! The walking this is a huge milestone, GOOOO WILLL!!

Cam said...

So cute! I love how he takes his steps and falls into his moms arms. It's precious. :)

Sarah said...

How exciting! He'll be an ole pro at walking by the time it's warm enough to play at the park-PERFECT!!!!

Heather Buttars said...

Yay! I can't believe that he is walking already. He is getting so big!