Monday, December 31, 2007

White Christmas

This year I was dreaming of white Christmas just a little more than in years past, with all the rain in Eugene I wanted something I could go play in! The dream came true while we were in the Salt Lake area for Christmas. We had four pretty good storms while we were there which made for the perfect white Christmas and fun times at the Denney family cabin. Christmas was filled with many fun gatherings with both families. Christmas Eve and morning was with the Denney's all together at the parents house and a few fun filled days at the cabin in Timberlakes. I love playing in the snow, sledding, snowmobiling, but this year I was limited on the amount of bouncing but I still managed to have my fun. Hannah (5 year old niece) is the dye hard sledder of the family, won't admit to being cold and is always up for 'just one more time'!
The whole Starkey family made it to the parents house on Christmas Day Eve, Michelle got on a flight from New York, Alicia and John down from Logan, and we were all together. We had our 'pretend' Christmas morning a day later but we don't care. It is so fun to have everyone together.
Now it's over and next year we will have a 9 month old little guy to add to all the fun!

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