Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Im Done !!

the Sleeper hold is done
well that was an awesome quarter, and it is done
its amazing how even when you love your project
it still feels soooooo good to be done with it.
It turned out quite
nicely. With the better
than awesome cushions,
turned out by my local
sweatshop. Clara did
an awesome job, the
color, the craft, everything
was perfect.
my fingers are still recovering
from all of the hand sanding, i actually sanded my finger prints
off, it was weird.

this is a set of boxes
that can act as a jungle gym
book cases or something else.
Little megan in the Turtle

little megan in the turtle this was a really sweet rocking form
that was made out of cardboard covered with rubber, lined with
aluminum and then magnetically placed some very soft fabric
done by my friend Markthis studio focused on building furniture that can
grow with a child,
so simple design form can adequately
accomplish this task. It starts out with a crib (with crib rails
that i have designed but was not able to finish before the final)
next it is a toddler bed which would be loads of fun, and while
that phase doesn't last long, it can support all types of play

whether you throw a blanket over it and it becomes a fort, or pin
up a sheet so that you can have a puppet show. I used a simple
form, that was supportive many activities, that are not limited
or defined.


gmaurer said...

Way cool man.....when can I get one for Corbin? I wish they would let us do cool stuff like that. You are a master craftsman. And the name.... "the sleeper hold" Classic Brian....very nice!

Camille said...

I'm so impressed, Starkey! You really do have beautiful craftsmanship and your bed is a great design. What a fun studio! I love it!