Sunday, June 24, 2007

Biking at the Catacombs

We went out to the Catacombs, which is just outside the city walls, to visit, uh, the dead. For those who don't know Catacombs basically means cemetery. Before going to the actual Catacombs we decided we needed to take a bike ride, so we rented very high quality bikes and off we went. It was a blast, I think the picture's tell it the best. We went all around the area on the again HOT summer day. The down hill was the best, and Brian wishes he had a skirt, we are going to try and find him a kilt but I think we will have to go to Scotland for that... another trip.
Lunch time- we found a cute little shop with the nicest Italian man, who we somehow communicated with, he helped us with our lunch, which was fabulous, bread, salami, a medium cheese, watermelon, and juice, he even gave us some cups and napkins. It was great, just sat on the side of the road and had a picnic.
After our great bike ride we went to the actual Catacombs and went on the English speaking tour. Interesting facts- the Catacombs are 15 acres, 300,000 people are buried here including some popes, and it is 4 stories down into the earth, and dates back to the time of Christ. Kind of crazy to be walking down there but very interesting.

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Chelle said...

I think the biking pics are my favorites. Any pics of me with my glasses reconfirm my need to get new ones and make me question anyone's taste who says mine are cute. I think the pic of Brian skipping is one of the best and Clara doing, um the splits...